©2014, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Performed by Virtual Vérité

Théo David Roig Aguilar
Aura Flores
Daniel Lemus

Mexico City

Exist/Resist – Ko Qoo Zoo – Marseille


©2014, Harry Gamboa Jr.

performed by

Ko Qoo Zoo

Marion Albert
Maja Andersson
Iris Brugger
Eleonor Chartier
Léna Fillet
Antoine Gautron
François-Xavier Guiberteau
Hélène Guimberteau
Kailin Hsiung
Bora Lee
Alejandra Lefebvre
Tommy Lhomme
Thibaut Magnan
Aurélie Manas
Floriane Nobilet
Romain Rondet
Vaibhav Sharma
Sumei Tang
Robin Touchard
Chihchin Tsai
Ze Wei

Anna Dezeuze

École Supérieure d’Arts et de Design

Special Thanks

Triangle France
Friche La Belle De Mai

In March 2014, Harry Gamboa Jr. worked with École Supérieure d’Arts et de Design students to form Ko Qoo Zoo performance troupe and to create ephemeral actions throughout Marseille.

During this period, Asco and Friends – Exiled Portraits exhibition was taking place at Triangle France.



Asco and Friends: Exiled Portraits – Triangle France

asco_marseille7mar14a_BLOGasco_marseille7mar14bBLOGasco_marseille7mar14cBLOGceline_hg13mar14BLOGhg_pilar_chon7mar14BLOGAsco and Friends:  Exiled Portraits

March 7 – Juy 6, 2014

Friche La Belle De Mai

Harry Gamboa Jr.
Willie F. Herrón
Patssi Valdez
Oscar Castillo
Jerry Dreva
John Valadez
Humberto Sandoval
and others.

Curated by Triangle France as part of the 2014 program me of Le Cartel, in co-production with Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA.

Céline Kopp, Chon Noriega, and Pilar Thomkins Rivas

Exhibition opening with viewers.

Harry Gamboa Jr., and Céline Kopp at Asco and Friends:  Exiled Portraits exhibition.
Decoy Gang War Victim
©1974, Harry Gamboa Jr

Harry Gamboa Jr.Pilar Thomkins Rivas, and Chon Noriega at Asco and Friends:  Exiled Portraits exhibition.


L’art du happening des voyous superbes d’ASCO
Emmanuelle Lequeux (Marseille)
Le Monde
April 18, 2014

L’art en bande organisée
Roxana Azimi
Le Monde
11 Apr 14

Asco and Friends:  Exiled Portraits

Le combat en images des Chicanos californiens
La Provence
March 13, 2014

Asco and Friends
Culture 13


Vidrio – Metro Public Art

©2014, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Photo Light Boxes
Metro Public Art
Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line Station

Vidrio is a Photo Light Box Public Art exhibition that is on temporary display at Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line Station.

Public invited to view the work.

Vidrio will remain on view at its current location until July 2014.

Enter Metro Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station at street level and descend via escalators to subway level.


performed in Los Angeles by Virtual Vérité


Vilma Villela
Mickey Everett
Karely Navia
Gerard Meraz
Jennifer Sandoval
Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez
Linda Gamboa
Carolina Maki Kitagawa
Benjamin Quinonez
Kate Kendall
Miguel Paredes Jr.
Kari Reardon
Steven La Ponsie
Vincent Ramos
Ariane Roesch
Alexander Woods
Stephanie Guerrero
Taylor Lovio 
Andy Robert
Meghan Gavin
Gala Porras-Kim
Karina Yanez
Erin Zadrozny
Ting Ying Han
Ana Garcia
Nebras Hoveizavi
Hyesung Moon
Kristine Tomaro
Daniel Quiñonez
Veronica Corona
Arnulfo Reyes

also pictured,

Harry Gamboa Jr. at Metro Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station

CSUN Professor’s New Show ‘Vidrio’ Exhibits Under Hollywood
CSUN Today


©2014, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Virtual Vérité

Stephanie Rose Guerrero
Vincent Ramos
Steven La Ponsie
Isabel Salazar
Juan Garza

Los Angeles

Macaroon is currently in production for photography and printed media.

In 2005, Harry Gamboa Jr. founded Virtual Vérité, an international ensemble performance troupe of nearly fifty members that he incorporates in the production of his photographs, fotonovelas, audio plays, and video works.

Agnès Varda – LACMA

Agnès Varda
during filming of Asco in East L.A. for her film, Mur Murs.
©1980, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Harry Gamboa Jr. and Juliet Berto appear here in Mur Murs by Agnès Varda, screening during Asco: Elite of the Obscure exhibition at LACMA in 2011.

Opening reception for Agnès Varda in Californialand exhibition at LACMA.
Curator:  Rita Gonzalez
©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Barbara CarrascoAgnès Varda, Barbara Gamboa
©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Harry Gamboa Jr. and  Agnès Varda
©2013,  John Rabe
Host, Off-Ramp
89.3 KPCC

Agnès Varda discusses her film Lions Love at LACMA
©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Agnès Varda in Californialand
BCAM, Level 3
November 3, 2013 – June 22, 2014
Los Angeles County Museum of Artès-varda-californialand

New LACMA exhibit reveals French filmmaker Agnès Varda in 1968 LA
83.9 KPPC

Asco: No Movies – Nottingham Contemporary

asco_nottingham12oct13aBLOGasco_nottingham12oct13bBLOGasco_nottingham12oct13cBLOGasco_nottingham12oct13dBLOGasco_nottingham12oct13eBLOGasco_nottingham12oct13fBLOGAsco – No Movies
Nottingham Contemporary

Opening Reception
October 12, 2013

Exhibition runs through
January 5, 2014

Nottingham, England

Alex Farquharson, Curator (Executive Director)
Harry Gamboa Jr.
Irene Aristizábal, Curator

Photo: Pavel Pys’

Photos of Asco – No Movies reception:
©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr.

The exhibition will tour:

De Appel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
February 7 – April 13, 2014

CAPC Bordeaux (France)
June 26 – September 21, 2014

No Movie for Asco:  Harry Gamboa Jr. & Rita Gonzalez

Asco Video
Alvaro Parra



Worker Ant