L.A. Familia


L.A. Familia

L.A. Familia
©1993, Harry Gamboa Jr.
l-r: Barbara Carrasco (Mother), Humberto Sandoval (Dad), Diego Gamboa (Son)
The Chicano nuclear family sets out on a collision course with dysfunctional appeals for calm and chaos as bullets fly in the desolate Los Angeles urbanscape.

Humberto Sandoval (Dad)
Barbara Carrasco (Mom)
Diego Gamboa (Son)

L.A. Familia, a 37-minute video directed by Harry Gamboa Jr., was included in the 1995 Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art and has also been screened at Centre Pompidou, Japanese American National Museum, and other institutions.


Next of Kin: The Family in Chicano/a Cultural Politics, by Richard T. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Duke University Press, 2009, provides a critical examination of L.A. Familia.

L.A. Familia is included in the DVD compilation of 1990’s video by Harry Gamboa Jr., sponsored by UCLA Chicano Studies Reasearch Center.


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