©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr.


Kristina Agazarian
Lucas Benitez
Jesssica Castillo
Duke Choi
Joseemar Coreas
Veronica Corona-Popovic
Xavier Cázares Cortéz
Mickey Everett
Barbara Gamboa
Juan Garza
Meghan Gavin
Nancy Govea
Nebras Hoveizavi
Carolina Maki Kitagawa
Steven La Ponsie
Calvin Lee
William Moreno
Mario Ontiveros
Scott Oshima
Miguel Paredes Jr.
Gala Porras-Kim
Daniel Quiñonez
Vincent Ramos
Alma Rodriguez
Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez
Francesco X. Siqueiros
Jonathan Takahashi
Fabiola Torres
Luis A. Vega
Chris Velasco
Suné Woods
Karina Yanez
Brenda Zamora

Virtual Vérité

Los Angeles



X’s Party

X's Party

X’s Party
©1982, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Therese Covarrubias
Daniel Villarreal

X’s Party is a fotonovela that was created for public projected viewing and amplified listening utilizing a sequence of 35 mm color slides to present a scripted narrative. This work was produced as an Asco project.

In 2011, Los Angeles County Museum of Art commissioned Harry Gamboa Jr. to revive X’s Party as a video projection for Asco: Elite of the Obscure exhibition to be presented at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Williams College Museum of Art, and Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo.

Original voice performers:
Therese Covarrubias
Daniel Villareal

Digital voice performers:
Veronica Corona-Popovic
Vincent Ramos

Peter Kirby

A book concept  and prototype for X’s Party has been developed by Sally Stein.