X’s Party

X's Party

X’s Party
©1982, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Therese Covarrubias
Daniel Villarreal

X’s Party is a fotonovela that was created for public projected viewing and amplified listening utilizing a sequence of 35 mm color slides to present a scripted narrative. This work was produced as an Asco project.

In 2011, Los Angeles County Museum of Art commissioned Harry Gamboa Jr. to revive X’s Party as a video projection for Asco: Elite of the Obscure exhibition to be presented at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Williams College Museum of Art, and Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo.

Original voice performers:
Therese Covarrubias
Daniel Villareal

Digital voice performers:
Veronica Corona-Popovic
Vincent Ramos

Peter Kirby

A book concept  and prototype for X’s Party has been developed by Sally Stein.



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