Agnès Varda – LACMA

varda_lacma1_BLOGvarda_murmurs_BLOGvarda_lacma2_BLOGvarda_lacma3_BLOGvarda_hg_BLOGvarda_lacma4_BLOG Agnès Varda during filming of Asco in East L.A. for her film, Mur Murs. ©1980, Harry Gamboa Jr. Harry Gamboa Jr. and Juliet Berto appear here in Mur Murs by Agnès Varda, screening during Asco: Elite of the Obscure exhibition at LACMA in 2011. Opening reception for Agnès Varda in Californialand exhibition at LACMA. Curator:  Rita Gonzalez ©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr. l-r: Barbara CarrascoAgnès Varda, Barbara Gamboa LACMA ©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr. l-r: Harry Gamboa Jr. and  Agnès Varda LACMA ©2013,  John Rabe Host, Off-Ramp 89.3 KPCC Agnès Varda discusses her film Lions Love at LACMA ©2013, Harry Gamboa Jr. Agnès Varda in Californialand BCAM, Level 3 November 3, 2013 – June 22, 2014 Los Angeles County Museum of Artès-varda-californialand New LACMA exhibit reveals French filmmaker Agnès Varda in 1968 LA Off-Ramp 83.9 KPPC


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Eclipse Series 43: Agnès Varda in California
The Criterion Collection

3 Discs

Uncle Yanco
Black Pathers
Lions Love (…and Lies)
Mur Murs



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