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Live Artists Live
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January 29, 2016

USC Visions & Voices
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USC Roski
School of Art and Design


Erin Silver
Harry Gamboa Jr.
©2016, Barbara Carrasco

Ron Athey
Amelia Jones
©2016, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Ruben Mendoza
Nicole Scalissi
Harry Gamboa Jr.
©2016, Barbara Carrasco

Nao Bustamante
Ron Athey
Dominic Johnson
Jennifer Doyle
©2016, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Karen Rapp
Nicole Scalissi
Barbara Carrasco
©2016, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Harry Gamboa Jr.
©2016, Harry Gamboa Jr.


University of Southern California
Los Angeles




The Sixth Expanse

The Sixth Expanse ©2015-2016, Harry Gamboa Jr.
We watch artist Harry Gamboa Jr. stage a fotonovela at the site of L.A.’s demolished 6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles Times, December 24, 2016


The Sixth Expanse (Action 1) l-r: Loan Nguyen  Steven La Ponsie  Carolina Maki Kitagawa  Francesco X. Siqueiros Joseemar Coreas  Nebras Hoveizavi  Vincent Ramos  Vilma Villela 6thstreetbridgeA23mar15cEMAIL The Sixth Expanse (Action 2) performers l-r: Patricia Fernández  Francesco X. Siqueiros Luis Flores  Danny Escalante virtual_verite22may15EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 3) performers l-r: Juan Carlos Garza  Brenda Zamora Francesco X. Siqueiros  Suné Woods 6thStreetBridge2may15EMAIL The Sixth Expanse (Action 4) performers l-r: Daniel Centofanti  Ruben Mendoza  Laura Schawelka  Luis A. Vega  Miguel Paredes Jr.  Kari Reardon  Benjamin Quinones  Daniel Quinonez Gerard Meraz  Ana Garcia  Kate Kendall  Chistopher Velasco  Dareen Hussein  Meghan Gavin Xavier Cázares Cortéz  Karina Yanez virtual_verite_6thStBrid_18apr15aEMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 5) performers l-r: Brittany Jaime Emmanuel Macias  Micheal Huluf  Laura Schawelka  Jonathan Takahashi Melis Okay  Erin Zadrozny  Donna Brown  Nikolas Ventourakis  Francesco X. Siqueiros gala_6thstreetbridge25mar15gEMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 6) performer Gala Porras-Kim six_expanse_7th_19sep15EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 7) performers l-r: Donna Brown Christopher Velasco sixth_expanse_action_8_EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 8) performers l-r: Benjamin Quinones Nebras Hoveizavi Juliana Lujan Gerard Meraz Sichong Xie Danny Escalante barbie_6th_st_bridge23aug15EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 9) performer Barbie Gamboa 6thStreetBridge_Ana25jan16aEMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 10) performers l-r: Ana Garcia Francesco X. Siqueiros 6thStBridge27feb16EMAIL

The Sixth Expanse (Action 11)
Luis A. Vega
Donna Brown
Christopher Velasco
Gerard Meraz
Benjamin Quiñones
Sofia Canales
Barbie Gamboa
Harry Ortíz Liflan
the_sixth_expanse_action13_16may16EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 12) performers l-r: Prabin Tamang Angelo Gomez Reggie Yip Sichong Xie Rogelio Acevedo Alejandro Rodriguez Scott Oshima Tania Hong Ricardo Gonzalves Jazmin Urrea Andy Robert

The Sixth Expanse (Action 13)
performers l-r: Isaac Enrique Ucan Carina Alvarado Alcala Kate deLigne  Danny Escalante Jessica Rodriguez Erin Zadrozny Vincent Ramos
the_sixth_expanse_action13_19may16EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 14) performers l-r: Nemsa Hoveizavi Donna Brown Stephanie Rose Guerrero Nebras Hoveizavi Dareen Hussein Miguel Paredes Jr. Benjamin Quiñones Joseemar Coreas Johanna Deeb Bayley Mizelle

The Sixth Expanse (Action 15) performers l-r: Luis Flores Jessica Castillo Xavier Cázares Cortéz Keaton Macon Ruben Mendoza Raquel Gutierrez Gerard Meraz Liesel BurisCh

the_sixth_expanse_action17_21may16EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 16) performers l-r: Penelope Alice Uribe Harry Ortíz Liflan Francesco X. Siqueiros Megan Gavin Karina Yanez Carolina Maki Kitagawa Christopher Velasco Melis Okay Alma Rodriguez Daniel Centofanti Kristine Tomaro Hannah Mansour Sofia Canales Barbie Gamboa Kari Reardon Veronica Corona-Popovic Luis Vega Linda Gamboa Ana Garcia B. Justine Jaime

the_sixth_expanse14jun16EMAILThe Sixth Expanse (Action 17) performer Humberto Sandoval sixth_expanse6aug16EMAIL
The Sixth Expanse (Action 18)
Erin Zadrozny Meghan Gavin Duke Choi Daniel Centofanti Melis Okay Juan Carlos Garza Francesco X. Siqueiros Carolina Maki Kitagawa the_sixth_expanse10sep16email
The Sixth Expanse (Action 19)
Sichong Xie Francesco X. Siqueiros Juliana Lujan Danny Escalante Xavier Cázares Cortéz Kristine Tomaro

The Sixth Expanse (Action 20)
performers Carolina Maki Kitagawa Francesco X. Siqueiros Nebras Hoveizavi Ruben Mendoza Daniel Centofanti

Virtual Vérité

Los Angeles

Aztlangst 2

Aztlángst 2
A fotonovela written/photographed/designed by Harry Gamboa Jr.
Performed by Virtual Vérité.
Aztlangst 2 satirizes contemporary capitalism, surveillance, and popular culture.
Aztlángst, a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition and/or the state of Aztlán in general…
Since 1972, Harry Gamboa Jr. has been actively creating works in various media that documents and interprets the contemporary urban Chicano experience.
He co-founded Asco (Spanish for nausea) 1972-1987, the East L.A. conceptual-performance art group.
In 2005, he founded Virtual Vérité, an ensemble performance troupe that is engaged to realize photo/media projects, fotonovelas, audio plays, and ephemeral actions in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Antwerpen, Paris, and other world-class cities.
His work has been exhibited in major museums throughout the United States, México, England, and France.
He is a faculty member of the Photo/Media Program at California Institute of the Arts.
Aztlángst 2 is available in US, UK, EU, México, Brazil, and Japan:

Toupee Touché

Toupee Touché

©2015, Harry Gamboa Jr.

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Donna Brown
Christopher Velasco

Virtual Vérité

Whitney Museum – Opening Party











America Is Hard To See
inaugural exhibition of permanent collection
Whitney Museum of American Art
New York, NY
April 24, 2015

In attendance at Whitney Museum – Opening Party:

Harry Gamboa Jr. with his work, Decoy Gang War Victim, 1974
Photo:  Ruben Ochoa

Ruben Ochoa and Harry Gamboa Jr.
Photo: Pablo Melendez

Harry Gamboa Jr. and Catherine Taft (Curator, Whitney Museum)
Photo: Ari Marcopoulos

Charles Gaines and Harry Gamboa Jr.
Photo: Ruben Ochoa

Raphael Montañez Ortiz with his work, Archaeological Find, Number 9, 1964
Photo: Harry Gamboa Jr.

Bibbe Hansen and Friends
Photo: Sean Carrillo

Ruben Ochoa and Pablo Melendez
Photo: Harry Gamboa Jr.

Sean Carrillo and Bibbe Hansen
Photo: Harry Gamboa Jr.

Whitney Museum of American Art: Handbook of the Collection.
Whitney Museum of American Art, 2015.

Water & Power – Film Screening

Water & Power
written directed by Richard Montoya
screening at
Highland Park Independent Film Festival

October 9, 2014
Los Angeles

water_power9oct14aBLOG©2014, Harry Gamboa Jr.

front l-r:
Barbara Carrasco
Willie Herrón
Barbie Gamboa (Power’s daughter_Water&Power)
Richard Montoya (writer/director_Water&Power)
Benjamin Quinones
Fabiola Torres
Daniel Villarreal

back l-r:
Lorenzo O’Brien (co-producer_Water&Power)
Juan Carlos Garza (editor_Water&Power)


water_power9oct14bBLOGHighland Park Theater
Highland Park Independent Film Festival

‘Water & Power’ opens Highland Park Independent Film Festival

‘Water & Power’ stakes out its turf
Los Angeles Times